Event Reflections: try! Swift NYC

try! Swift. Did you catch that? try! Swift, with a bang! Pow! It makes the name seem so exciting, doesn’t it? But what is try! Swift anyway?

try! Swift is an immersive community gathering about Swift Language Best Practices, Application Development in Swift, Server-Side Swift, Open Source Swift, and the Swift Community.

More information about the conference is available at https://www.tryswift.co/ and https://www.tryswift.co/events/2017/nyc/.

I’ve traveled only a few times for conferences throughout my educational and work careers, generally preferring to stay local or local-ish. However, I was fortunate enough (and thankful!) to be awarded a ticket to try! Swift by WWCode, which made the financial concerns with traveling a bit less concerning. Besides which, it was in New York (!!), and New York is such an amazing city full of things to see and do and, of course, places to eat ;)… but I’m getting off-topic now.

The try! Swift NYC conference took place on September 5th and 6th. In the weeks leading up to the event, I received emails from the organizers containing event details and helpful tips on what to expect once there. Some key emails were:

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Event Reflections: Women Who Code CONNECT 2017

What is Women Who Code (WWCode) CONNECT Conference?

WWCode is changing the face of tech, creating a more inclusive and diverse industry, and helping women to connect with professional opportunities that propel them into positions of power. Our premier developer conference, WWCode CONNECT 2017, does just that.

WWCode CONNECT 2017 brings together speakers from around the world to share their stories and expertise about technology. Join the Women Who Code community for in-depth panels, technical workshops, keynotes, and actionable advice on advancing your career.

CONNECT is an event designed to inspire and empower attendees to achieve the next level in their careers while arming them with the tools that they need to achieve success. By celebrating the talents and accomplishments of a diverse range of industry leaders, we hope to create an environment where everyone feels that they can succeed. This is the new culture of tech, where inclusion and support drives innovation and industry.

More information about the conference is available at http://connect2017.womenwhocode.com/


This year, the WWCode Connect conference in San Francisco took place in the Twitter office on Market St since Twitter is a Platinum level sponsor of this event. Now, for anyone who hasn’t been to this office before, it’s certainly a sight to see with multiple cafeterias, large common areas, lounge spaces, TVs, outdoor seating/dining with a (fake) grass lawn, the list goes on… Previously, I’ve only been here during weekday lunch hours, so it was a different feeling this time, but not any less exciting.

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Event Reflections: ACT-W Bay Area 2017

What is the ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women) Conference?

ChickTech’s regional, annual, and action-packed event is where talented women and individuals can build skills, grow their community, and accelerate their career path! The conference includes speaking sessions, hands-on workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, career fairs, and so much more. The conference makes a huge impact on the professionals that attend and all of the proceeds go directly towards introducing youth girls to STEM based activities and careers.

More information about the conference is available at http://www.act-w.org/

This year, ChickTech held one these conferences in the Bay Area – in particular, at the Galvanize office in San Francisco. Galvanize is located in the SOMA neighbourhood; it has sizeable workspaces, classrooms, an auditorium, and beautiful common spaces among other things… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

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Get Noticed! Update Your LinkedIn Profile


So you’re looking for a new opportunity and you want to update your LinkedIn profile (or you just want to update it for the sake of updating it, because you’re just that good!), but where do you even begin?

Here’s a basic checklist to help you get started:

To Do Checklist:
[ ] Profile Picture
[ ] Tagline
[ ] Summary
[ ] URL
[ ] Experience
[ ] Education
[ ] Skills

Don't Include:
- Birthday
- Phone number
- Address

If you’d like more tips and tricks, keep on reading!

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Netflix Sponsored Android Course Starting March 6th


Netflix is sponsoring CodePath’s next Android class for engineers starting March 6th. Apply by February 17th.

Read about it on the Netflix blog. The purpose of the engineering course is to efficiently ramp up professional engineers on everything needed to develop production-quality mobile apps focusing on best practices to apply and anti-patterns to avoid. The course is intense, project-based, and will drive engineers towards expert-level proficiency supported by Netflix engineering mentorship.

CodePath partners with leading technology companies to offer intensive industry-standard training programs for practicing engineers… powered by companies and free for participants. CodePath has run Android onboarding for companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, and has taught thousands of practicing engineers across 800+ leading technology companies.

This next round of classes will be best suited for engineers with 4+ years of engineering experience.

PulseCPApp has been published to the App Store!

Download PulseCPApp on the App Store!

Check Us Out Online!

(CodePath team project)

Pulse is a record keeping and tracking tool. Managers can regularly receive feedback and monitor how their team members did in the past. Following up with employees frequently ultimately improves manager/employee relationships and helps leaders become better leaders.

On a higher level, as more managers and teams use it, this app gives users a “pulse” of their company by measuring how the employees are doing, namely: are they happy? are they engaged? and how manageable is their workload?

Pulse makes it easy to gauge the health of a company at a glance.

CodePath Week 6 Lab: Photo Map

The next lab app is up!

CodePath Week 6 Lab: Photo Map. Pair programmed – Bianca C and Aki S. This Photo Map app will allow the user to take a photo, tag it with a location, and then see a map with all the previously tagged photos; developed in Swift.