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(CodePath team project)

Pulse is a record keeping and tracking tool. Managers can regularly receive feedback and monitor how their team members did in the past. Following up with employees frequently ultimately improves manager/employee relationships and helps leaders become better leaders.

On a higher level, as more managers and teams use it, this app gives users a “pulse” of their company by measuring how the employees are doing, namely: are they happy? are they engaged? and how manageable is their workload?

Pulse makes it easy to gauge the health of a company at a glance.

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Photo Map

CodePath Week 6 Lab: Photo Map. Pair programmed – Bianca C and Aki S. This Photo Map app will allow the user to take a photo, tag it with a location, and then see a map with all the previously tagged photos; developed in Swift.


CodePath Week 5 Lab: Tinder. Pair programmed – Ita W and Bianca C. This is a basic Tinder app developed in Swift.

Twitter Redux (Twitter)

CodePath Week 4 Assignment: Tweeter Redux. This builds on the original Tweeter app by adding new features, developed in Swift.

Smiley Canvas (Canvas)

CodePath Week 4 Lab: Canvas. Pair programmed – Bianca C and _. This is a tray of smiley faces that can be dragged onto a canvas, developed in Swift.

Tweeter (Twitter)

CodePath Week 3 Assignment: Tweeter. This is a basic Twitter client to read and compose tweets from the Twitter API, developed in Swift.

Parse Chat (Parse)

CodePath Week 3 Lab: Parse. Pair programmed – Bianca C and Jen A. This is a chat client using Parse to explore the features of its ORM and backend service, developed in Swift.

Searcher of the Yelp (Yelp)

CodePath Week 2 Assignment: Searcher Of The Yelp. This is a Yelp search app using the Yelp API, developed in Swift.


Github Repo Finder

CodePath Week 2 Lab: Github Repo Finder. This is an app to search for popular GitHub repositories by language, developed in Swift.

Rotten Tomatoes Wannabe (Flicks)

CodePath Week 1 Assignment. Rotten Tomatoes Wannabe is a movies iOS client developed in Swift.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 7.49.50 PM.png rtwannabe5

Tumblr (Tumblr Feed)

CodePath Week 1 Lab: Tumblr (Tumblr Feed). Pair programmed – Bianca C and Sara H. This is a simple read-only Tumblr images iOS client developed in Swift. 


CodePath Application Assignment. Calculatip is a tip calculator application for iOS. It was developed in Swift as part of the application package for CodePath’s iOS for Engineers bootcamp.

Calculatip Launch Screen.png calculatip-video-walkthrough

“Space Invaders” Game

A game like Space Invaders developed with Sprite Kit and Swift, based on Ryan Ackermann’s tutorial. Under construction…

Other Things I’ve Worked On

Fleet by Postmates (iOS, Android)

Customers use the Postmates app to request on-demand delivery from any restaurant or store in the city. They are then matched with a Postmate, who travels to the restaurant or store, purchases the goods, and then delivers the food or retail items. All in under an hour.


Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

The #1 app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes. I specifically worked on the iPhone and iPad apps, but the Flixster app is also available to use on web and Android devices.

flixster-launch-screen flixster