App: Tweeter

CodePath Assignment 3 is out in the wild.

Tweeter is a basic Twitter client to read and compose tweets from the Twitter API, developed in Swift.


App: Searcher of the Yelp

Check it out – another CodePath assignment done!

Week 2’s app assignment, which I have affectionately named “Searcher Of The Yelp“, is a Yelp search app using the Yelp API and developed in Swift.


Grace Hopper Conference FAQs

This year I attended the Grace Hopper Conference in Houston for the first time. It provided amazing learning and networking experiences to say the least, but I’ll delve more into that in future posts when I break down my day-to-day experience at the GHC.

For now, here are some quick FAQs (and answers!) I learned while I was at this conference:

1. How much luggage space should I have for swag?

I left a third of my bag (which was basically a glorified backpack that wasn’t all that big) free, and I still had overflowing swag to boot. Lesson I learned: bring a carry-on roller bag, which is larger and easier to wheel around … or bring an extra bag. I read similar blog posts prior to attending the GHC and I thought they were joking; after all, how much stuff would I actually bring back with me? But, oh boy, there’s just so much stuff to be had! I had underestimated the number of companies that would be represented here, and they all want their brand out and about and visible. Plus there’s the added excitement of wanting to collect everything! Based on my experience – and the experiences of other attendees I spoke to – here’s the swag lifecycle for this three-day conference:

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